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I once heard a wise professor say,

It’s called university, not specialty.

Although I hold a Ph.D. in a specialized field, I have never pursued a narrow vision. In addition to my academic career, I have worked in international freight forwarding, banking, marketing, non-profit educational programming, hosting a local affairs talk show on cable, business-to-business advertising sales, and of course food service.

photo of JeannieI grew up in a two-dialect home and proceeded from there to learn multiple foreign languages. I have worked in the United States and in Europe, and I have managed sales territories spanning the globe. Throughout it all, my role has been that of messenger: I communicate on my client’s behalf and I help them meet their clients’ needs.

In addition to website development and marketing, I also translate marketing and sales materials for many of my former advertising clients. In all my work, the central focus remains: it’s about the message. I make certain to understand you and the value of your work, and I make certain that everyone else does, too.

My team consists of like-minded professionals who specialize in visual communication that drives your message home.

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