Services To Make Your Message Matter

Here are the services we offer to deliver your message.
At every step, we make your message heard, seen, felt, received.

   Web Copy
We create text for your website pages and social media. We can generate content for you on an ongoing basis for your blog, your Facebook feed, emails to your customers and prospects, and more. Our services include periodic review of your copy to make sure that it remains on point for you as your business grows.

    Website Design, Testing, and Deployment
We build your site to meet your needs, to convey your message, and to meet your budget. From an online brochure to a private secure internal communication platform, we build sites that work on all browsers and devices (except for deprecated browsers and operating systems — we do not support functions for Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6, or any of their web browsers).

   Domain Name, Hosting, Email
Your business name might not be the best web or mail address. We build your address into your complete marketing message. We can arrange hosting for your website, including branded email, and we can manage your domain for you as well.

   Print Copy
We create brochures, business cards, print advertisements, auto magnets (for bumpers and doors), banners — whatever you need printed, we can write it and keep your message consistent and clear.

   Photos, Logos, Visuals
We can incorporate your photos into your message, and we can create new visual effects for you as well. We create logos that convey your message and keep it in the mind’s eye.

Need a new head shot or profile picture for social media? We can have it up for you in about an hour. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

   SEO and Analytics
All content that we create is optimized to make sure that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and everyone else will index it: we make sure that you can be found. We will also set up tools to help you analyze what your website and social media are achieving. As your business grows, and as your skills and needs grow, so do our services.

    Technical Maintenance
Keep your website, email and other services, safe, secure, and backed up. We offer ongoing maintenance to regularly back up your site, to update your software, and to troubleshoot any technical issues. Even in the event of catastrophic failures, we can restore your website in minutes.

  Assistance and Support
Having trouble administering your website, or even running your computer? Need to know how to set up a blog for an existing website? Even if I didn’t build your site or write your copy, I can help you on an hourly basis. I can explain some of the technical facts you need in human language and can do basic troubleshooting on your website or your device. If you need more help than I can provide, I can point you in the right direction to providers who will do right by you. And most of the time, I will even help you refine and target your message better as a result.

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